Creative Teaching Challenge from TeachMeet Clevedon

Creative Teaching from TeachMeet Clevedon


On Thursday I was lucky enough to present at TeachMeet Clevedon. As part of my presentation I asked the audience to write down their most creative teaching idea, which my willing helpers them threw about using a parachute. (Like you do.) On getting home I was blown away by the diversity of ideas, and thought that everyone should have the chance to benefit from this wealth of ideas. So here they are, creative teaching ideas by not me- but lots of other amazing and enthusiastic teachers! You challenge is to use one next week and let me know how it goes.

Teach a complex theory lesson JUST with your own poor drawings and no writing, PowerPoint or textbooks.

Students teaching French grammar (Yr 10)

Using # revision tips- twitter classroom

Creating pilgrimage raps and performing them to other classes. Peer learning.

Getting Yr 11 students to be interviewed as artists, as if in a gallery.

Roll dice to get ideas.

Le matin- French film making with ICT.

Using Comic Life to make revision guides as you go along.

Using puppets.


Space- hopper punctuation on the school field.

Make a haiku in your foreign language.

Use colours in your revision notes.

Tweet summary of class.

Animate poems and aka yes how well our animations integrate the poems.

Google earth contextual route exploring and building.



Use a ghost to signify a subordinate conjunction in German.

Use choreography in Dance lessons to signify scientific concepts.

Build a city for the children. Build a curriculum around.

Music, dance and mayhem!! And Sherbet Lemons.

Build a periscope and read a message on the roof.

Silent ball.

Learning mats.

Monkies- text, read/listen, represent in pictures, review, share.

Evolution Dems- tri coloured pasta + spoon/ knife/spoon.

Adopting a Fairy Tale and filming it- creating new ending.

Using PuppetPals to recreate Fairy Takes on iPads.

Take learning outside as often as possible!

Wiki wall- summarise today’s learning in a Wikipedia entry- collaborative display.

Kinaesthetic story telling and sequencing.

Snakes and Ladders.

Using silly starring to access work by colour.

Science rapping.

Hand up to answer question and then bouncing it all around.

Jigsaw activities- talk to the expert.

Play dough models for characters.

Students creating an all that a sports centre member of staff could use.

Speak in rhyme: repeat in song.

Trench warfare role play.

Students write their own flipper videos.

Circled poem words alphabetically and get them to create from ingredients.

SHUT UP and let them work.

Diagrams of readings of Macbeth.

Draw a walk through fractionating column on the floor in chalk.

Designing an app/ website.

Designing an unsuccessful chair.

Google 20% project- what have you always wanted to learn about?

Chalk drawing of heart on the floor- pupils role play red blood cells.

If I have not included your idea I’m sorry I didn’t find it to write up- but you can message me and I will add it. A special thanks for the teacher that commented this one- I’m going to say maybe not! Come on teachers- which idea will you use?



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