Literacy in post- compulsory education

Post Compulsory Literacy

As a college we have a Literacy policy that includes encouraging proof reading, and a utilising a consistent marking policy. However, today I was asked to create a Sociology Literacy Mat, which students can access in lessons to help them with written work. This is the work of @myersclare who is a great advocate of increasing literacy levels in order to raise achievement across subjects by improving literacy standards.

I googled literacy mats, and this is what I have come up with so far. I would really appreciate any help you can offer as this is not within my area of expertise, please do get in contact if you think there is anything I should add/ subtract.



8 responses to “Literacy in post- compulsory education

  1. Racherl, your literacy mat is excellent… but how about a box dedicated to Interpretation and Application and particular words linked to those assessment objectives? this is an area where students are weakest in my opinion..just a suggestion

  2. Hi

    I am looking to do a literacy mat for sociology, could I have a look at the final version if you have completed to get some ideas. I have not yet started mines.

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