Nurture 1213 review by @rlj1981

This is a review of my original #nurture2123 post in December. I wanted to reflect on what I have achieved, and use this to push myself to do the things I haven’t! Please tweet @chocotzar to get involved- reflection is an important part of teaching.

1- Birthday angst

This year was my easiest birthday in memory. So many people went of out their way to make a fuss of me, it was total magic. Plus that weekend was BETT, where I had the best time. I’m going to try hard to not have birthday angst again.

2-Play my guitar and sing more.

Guitar is restrung and I recon a few people could vouch for me using it, which I love doing. I don’t care if I’m not that good, just love making music.

3- Carry on running.

YES and I’m up to 15k plus now. Who would have ever thought that was possible!?!

4- Play with my boys more and indoctrinate them into Doctor Who

Yes I have and yes I am trying. Eldest has watched the last series and I have explained the final episode till I am blue in the face.

5- Conquer depression

This one is tricky. Lets say I try and will always keep trying. I want to be a light in the world, not a black hole.

6- Feel comfortable with the school my eldest attends.

Not in this lifetime. FAIL

7- Take advantage of training opportunities.

I have been to more CPD events since January than many teachers could shake a stick at, I’m better for it, I teach better for it, I love going.

8-Hide in my classroom less

FAIL at this one, but I recon the next term will be different.

9- Acquire sparkly red converse trainers

FAIL. *grumble

10-Go to a TeachMeet

This made me laugh. I had total fear at going, just going. So now I’ve presented at a few, and have a few more in the horizon, including TMSoton, which I have helped bring into existence. Wow, the difference six months can make is evident here, I couldn’t be more different. I’m almost at the stage of believing I have something to say.

11- Deal with OFSTED

Actually decided its just a normal day at work. I’m happy with what I do. The end.

12- Cultivate friendships

In RL and here, I have made the most amazing friends, who have a lot to put up with in me. Thank you all- Those who are important to me know who they are.

13- Stay myself- stay happy

Always. As if I could do anything else!?

So I count that as 8/12- give me to the end of the year, I recon I can crack this ; )


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