Chatter box Marxism

Masterful Marxism

My A2 students have two weeks left and I have trying to cover in revision all the main points that could arise as questions in the (quite intimidating) SY4 exam.

They began the lesson with some individual reading, I’m trying to promote good study skills so they used highlighters and did all the things I’ve been telling them for two years to do. They then had to each define a key Marxist term on A5 cards which they collaboratively edited and these were placed on the board. This provided us with a Marxism literacy wall of sophisticated language which they could then use for reference in the next task.


The class then were each given a sheet of A3 and the folded it into four sections with P.E.E written in each. They were told to write the first Point, then pass the sheet to the next student who wrote the E, then pass is on again. By the time the sheet returned to its owner they had an essay plan that more or less the whole class had worked on. They were reminded the work had to be of the highest standard as others would read their work and use it for revision. Text books and notes were allowed so that the E (evaluate) section was of the highest standard possible. It also good at this time of year to get some handwriting into lessons to build up the stamina of writing a lot in a short period of time before the exams.


Following this we made chatter boxes- from folded paper with questions about Marxism. This was really a bit of light relief in the form of a plenary. BUT it did work really well, as the class were engaged with the task and focused on writing fiendish questions to fox those on their tables. I’ve not tried making these in class before, but would definitely consider using it as a main activity as it needed a bit more time than I allotted for it. Students LOVED making these, even the more cynical ones, maybe it was a bit of nostalgia that made them smile in what is quite stressful time of their lives.



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